10 Sept 2010

Artist 17: June Sees

June Sees, mysterious beautiful and darkly attractive, her work draws you in and leaves you wanting more. She is a master of atmosphere and you can feel the rhythm and vibrancy of her work, almost lyrical in nature. This is combined with a dreamlike thread that gives her work a real depth, dreamer, painter, thinker read all about her here!

Who are you:
Hiya , I am June Chanpoomidole mostly known as June Sees (little more easier to pronounce). I am a freelance illustrator, painter, visualiser and a dreamer. A fan of creme brulee and loving way with colour.

What do you do:
I love to paint, absolutely. I primarily use traditional mediums such as acrylics, inks and pencils in my illustrations. Using techniques such as dry brushing and pencils or inks for simple details. I am regular contributor, so you might see my illustrations for Amelia's Magazine and Sketchbook Magazine.
I create fashion illustrations and figures with strong narrative and I love to be challenged and be versatile with new ideas and current trends. I get ideas whilst deep in thought, a conversation, a debate or photo recorded. Whether I see it in front of my eyes, or in my mind, I create.

How did you start:
I can't recall the catalyst point to when I started. I suppose when I was a little toddler, I admired my dad's talent when he illustrated a mermaid for me. I had a childhood obsession with mermaids, I never stopped drawing ever since. Even when mum owned the restaurant I had secret grotto, drawing underneath the display case. When I took illustration more seriously, was last year at the end of my University degree at Westminster.
I started to explore painting further during my final major project, and my first attempt was absolutely pathetic and it was shame to waste a painting. After persisting again and again, I've gotten better and realised that I actually really love acrylics and its vibrant colours. It fits with me and portrays how I visualise the illustrations to be.
From then on, I continuously practiced, on my tiny beechwood desk, trying out new techniques with my trusted brush pot and acrylics by my side. It's only been a year and I am enjoying this ride. So I look forward to the journey ahead of me.

A Personal statement about you or your work:

My work is a range of fashion, music, emotions and narrative, trying to brighten little bit of life. I want people to enjoy my work, I hope my work invokes a smile within themselves or makes them think of a story untold. Although I like that my illustrations aesthetically pleasing, it offers a surreal atmosphere transporting you into the world where (as someone had describe) 'colour explodes.' I am June, odd with hint of randomness at times nevertheless I beam when my work is glanced upon or had invoked a thought. After all I am just a girl who loves to think and paint.

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