15 Sep 2010

Artist 20: The Hidden Dingbat Collective

Dynamic duo Lauren Baker and Phil Howell are an unstoppable team, bringing you fresh clean and imaginative imagery and characters, its going to be hard to stop this pair from taking over the scene with their eclectic list of clients and accessible bright and cheery designs. Permanently on a quest for the perfect breakfast but already fully stuffed with skills and style, read all about the wonderful Hidden Dingbat Collective!

Who are you:
We are Phil Howell and Lauren Baker and together we make
The Hidden Dingbat Collective, a graphic design and illustration studio based in the wonderfully artistic and ever sunny Essex in the UK

What do you do:
At the Hidden Dingbat we work in a number of fields from character design to type setting and everything in between. We try to provide the lighter side of design, and believe that a sense of humour is key - making your target audience smile will connect with them on a higher level. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes but we mainly work closely with small businesses, start up companies and charities on everything from stationary, poster campaigns and print media. We always try to give them the graphic design they deserve.

How did you start:
This is a hard question because really we have only just started but we meet three years ago at university. We work in a similar way and so we began working on live briefs that came in to the uni together to split the work load. We took on a lot of jobs in our final year and towards the end we landed a large contract with a start up company, to whom we provided with stationary, postcards, logos and a website. This job gave us our first real taste of freelance work and so we decided to set up a studio. Luckily for us our a new creative hub had just opened in our home town called
15 Queen Street we moved in to the space a week after finishing university and in the last two months have been fully booked with work. We are currently moving in to our own studio space in the building.

personal statement:
We are two recent graphic design graduates from Essex, although we've been established as a collective for about a year and a half. We make lighthearted, fun and accessible design and illustration, and like it to have a sense of humour. We've worked for the most eclectic group of clients you've ever heard of, from the NHS, to hardcore punk bands, to local colleges. We're obsessed with 90s cheesy music and are on a never-ending hunt to find a place that does the perfect breakfast.

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