24 Sep 2010

Artist 24: Piktografika

Meet Piktografika. The unstoppable force from the north, Piktografika has grown and grown, developing styles and creativity that, like the sea is ever changing but is growing stronger by the day. His work is vital and taps into that subconscious realm of thought and desire by not only its crisp stylish roots but its quirks and originality that make you stop and take it all in. A truly thoughtful guy with complex yet stylish work Piktografika is one to watch, and one to read about here too!

Who are you:
I call myself Piktografika (my real name is Patrik Carlsson) and I'm a freelance illustrator and designer from Stockholm, Sweden.

What do you do:
I draw things and then I scan the results and colour and manipulate them using Photoshop and other software. When I'm not working at the drawing board or in front of the computer screen I stare vacantly into the distance thinking about strange stuff. Sometimes I grab a sketchbook and scribble down a new idea I've found during these daydreaming sessions. Then I make a drawing based on that idea and scan it and colour it and so forth…

How did you start:
I always wanted to do something creative and work with something art related. My path to this career as full time illustrator have been far from straight though. To get a chance to do something where I could use my knowledge of drawing and painting I worked as an art teacher for many years. It was fun teaching but I'm really happy that I decided to take the step to become a full time illustrator. It's been tough but I really love the freelance life; being my own boss and draw things for a living.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I want to have a clear and hopefully clever idea as a basis for my illustrations. I don't really like things that are just eye candy. There has got to be something for the viewer to think about. I like it when there's a point of view in illustrations and I try to incorporate something of my own voice both when I do personal work and when I'm working for a client.
But I'm only just now beginning to find "my style" and I hope that I'll continue to grow and develop as an illustrator.

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  1. wonderful illustrations and a great interview.. i loved the "staring vacantly" occupation) i do that a lot too)