3 Nov 2010

Artist 40: Niki Pilkington

Its feature time again and we have a real treat for you this time! Niki Pilkington has such a new and clean style. Its simply eye-watering in its execution and work this fresh leaves me almost lost for words. Though that said, her work has an importance and this is due to her finding a new definition, and relevance, carving out a style that bursts out and brings her subjects into perfect focus. Its like high definition illustration, delicate and precise, her subjects are etched into the viewer in perfect monochrome, and her images with their sense of space seem to levitate, creating the third dimension even without her playful sculptural work. Not only is her work alarmingly beautiful but the tender consideration of her subject is the real treasure in her work. Anyone who gets the chance should feel lucky to be her subject! Its great to have her, and even better to find out about her here!

Who are you: 
Hello, I'm Niki Pilkington, a freelance illustrator based between beautiful Paris and my studio in equally beautiful North Wales.

What do you do: 
I specialise in portraits. I draw girls, sometimes boys and other things too, but mainly girls. Fashion has a huge part to play in what I do too.

How did you start: 
I went though all the usual routes of education - GCSE, A-Level, Art Foundation, then I specialised in Fashion Promotion & Illustration as a degree at Ravensbourne, London. After graduating with a first class (hons) degree in 2009, I am pleased to say that I'm loving every minute of what I do.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My playful yet reserved style feeds off the everyday people & places I see. My illustrations aim not just to document, but also to understand why these subjects have drawn me to them in the first place.

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