10 Dec 2010

Artist 53: Miff Weaver

Its Miff Weaver now, Our latest featured illustrator is a graduate of University College of Falmouth and is carving out a freelance career with an ever developing line drawing style influenced by 60s graphical kitsch. Miff is striving for perfection and will get there soon with a good grasp of colour and a composition style that loosely mosaics objects into an ordered shape. Miff has some good structural composition and creates vibrant busy images that combine that little bit of order with some hand drawn complexity. Using naive characters and a good helping of detail and colour, Miffs work has a great sense of positivity and warmth. Miff gives us a relaxed feast for the eyes and I'm sure that you'll all agree that he will be in for a treat as he builds his style and client list in the future!

Who are you:
I'm Miff Weaver. I live between a small village (Albrighton) and a big city (Bristol). I love pencils, music, day dreaming and train journeys.

What do you do:
I tend to draw the same thing over and over until I get it as near perfect as I can, then draw it again. I always add a little more milk to my tea after pouring the right amount. I feed the fish an extra flake of food after I've given it the right amount. I constantly strive to do better in my work.

How did you start:
I was never good at writing when I started school, so I tried to draw my way through education, I guess it worked! I used to spend a lot of time drawing on different coloured sugar paper at my nan's house, space ships and robots and swamp monsters and stuff - I've just continued on from that really! I've always had the backing of my family and friends to pursue a career in art and design, I have a lot to thank them for.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I've always had a huge interest in line, I think you can tell a lot about a person from the line they draw. The foundations of my work come from learning about the Bauhaus (Paul Klee's work in particular) and watching hours upon hours of Dexters Lab. I've worked hard to produce I style I am happy with. I really like my artworks to look perfect and imperfect, that's why I tend not to use vector. I usually work on kitchen tables rather than cramped rooms and have a constant stream of music playing while I work - I'm currently enjoying Best Coast and Why?    

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