5 Jan 2011

Artist 57: Dee Andrews

A warm Rally welcome to the budding talent of Dee Andrews! Dee is a fashion illustration student who is already paving the way for her career with some fine illustrations for Amelia's Magazine, and there is a certain spark about her observational work that makes her more than worth a second look. She has a way of gathering what animates a face and gives it life, serving it up with smouldering eyes and pouting lips. This is her flash of light in the sometimes clinical discipline of fashion illustration. Its nice to see her go for intensity of expression as well improving her skills at capturing that simple essential line that with one unbroken sweep renders an image instantly recognisable. She has that line already for legs and this deft touch and lightness of line will contain her inks and set her up as one to watch in the coming year.

Who are you: I am Dee Andrews, I am a student at LCF studying Fashion Illustration, a little known and fairly young course.

What do you do: In short, I like to draw people. I realised this when doing Life Drawing in my Fine Art BTEC. I then decided that Fashion Illustration would be a way to put both my loves together, Fashion and People.

How did you start: I left half way through my A-Levels, I rebelled against doing four subjects I didn't want to do, and instead went to college for a two year Fine Art BTEC National Diploma, it was the best decision I ever made. From this course, I got into LCF (which was totally unexpected, so much so that I went to the interview with a nonchalant attitude - which now I realise is probably why I got in?) and started my Fashion Illustration course, and here I am now!

A Personal Statement about you or your work: I use a lot of ink. I carry my black ink bottle (with it's bobble hat on!) around with me. I love drawing women in particular, and apparently I am excellent at drawing legs. (I put this down to a longing for them!) So I often feature women with long legs in my illustrations. I love to experiment, and am always up for a challenge.


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