24 Jan 2011

Artist 63: Meeralee

From America with love its the fantastic Meeralee. Illustrator, artist, photographer and full time worker Meeralee still finds the time to give us a haunting combination of fine line and satisfying textures. She uses a soft yet enlightening palette that permeates through her work, with subtle pastels backed up with flashes of vibrancy. She weaves her imagery in an almost lyrical fashion which lifts the viewer and carries them with her, this allows her to gently convey complex series of images with conflicting ideas without divorcing the viewer from the work. As you can see with her photography Meeralee has an observers eye that not only picks up those little hints of magic when translated to fine liner, but also has an innate curiosity that makes you feel you are exploring the world with her. Her work is viewed almost collaboratively and this is her unique strength, as she explores new media we hope she brings us along for the ride. Read about the sublime Meeralee here!

Who are you:
I'm Meeralee, an illustrator from the east side of the States. I work in publishing but devote the fuller (and purer) part of my heart to thin lines and India ink. I like bare feet and words. 

What do you do:
I do design work and draw illustrations for various publications and private clients. I have a personal affinity for watercolors and ink, but am gradually heading towards canvas and acrylics.

How did you start:
I've been writing and illustrating my own stories since I was little, and so it was natural that I developed two passions: writing and drawing. I'm a self-taught artist- I went to college for English and Journalism (I now work in the publishing industry) so I am constantly learning. Being a freelance illustrator with a full-time job is quite trying at times, but I learn as I create, am continually touched by the kindness of other artists, and am happy to be doing both of the things I adore! 

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work is largely tinged by magic and mythology, so I spent a lot of time drawing amalgamations that I wish existed. I'm influenced by words, feeling, possibility or the possibility of possibilities- there are so many images raging inside my head that I'd like to shape into ink and paper. My greatest desire is transform the impossible and invisible inside me, reconstructing each one into a tangible form that others can see and touch. 

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