2 Feb 2011

Artist 64: Caleis

A big welcome to the skillful and lovely illustrator Caleis. From the warm climes of La Coruña she brings us a smoky and intense style that has more than a little skill and design. Her work is both enticing and well executed which is both a feat of natural talent and real hard graft for the self taught illustrator. She has a great eye for detail and she uses this to let us into the world of sensual female beauty, which she recognises as emotional and soulful, and she really goes for it with her delicate figures hung with a tension and challenge to the viewer. She lets us into this world but preserves us at a distance. With a gentle palette of warm yet desaturated tones she has a real skill with colour that gives both a depth and clarity that is hard to achieve simultaneously. She is a real asset to the community in that she shows us that you can make it happen by force of will and that creativity must be used at all costs. Its great to have her here on the Rally and please join us in wishing her the best of luck in the future.  

Who you are:
My " stage name" :) is Caleis, Maruka for friends..I´m an artist from La Coruña, Spain, where I live with my boyfriend- the real artist at home :) - ,and my Big Danes "Bowie". I´m a dreamer who doesn´t sleep so much.

What do you do:
I illustrate dreams, the mine. I explore myself through drawing. I look into the eyes of my subjects. My work is handmade, I value the traditional techniques, love the art in pencil and now I'm focused on fashion illustration, my favorite aspect in the world of illustration.

How did you start:
..from nothing .. !! I mean..., I'm self taught, I am a Law licensed and ex- tax agent, after a great vital "catharsis" decided to do what really made my happiness as a child.
All begins with the desire and motivation, and this is what I found, then and now, in the work of major figures like Mucha, Gruau, Rockwell, A.López..my most admired artist in Spain is Berto Martínez, a master of watercolour.
My artwork is a result of own technical staff, being self-taught is limiting and released at same time, it gives an imperfect but unique style. I explore and look for a delicate and feminine touch in my drawings.

A persona statement about you or your work:
I´m obsessed with female beauty, and emotions and soul behind their eyes, ..I try to capture a little of that, and share it with you..:)


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