7 Mar 2013

Artist 146: Jennifer Saul

Another London based artist for you now with the sublime line work of Jennifer Saul. Jennifer has a pared down style that instantly conjures up the feel of the grime revolution, clean lines and dirty music, sharp style and graphic lines like the curve of a hat peak, give you the idea and the context without the extraneous detail. It must be her photography background that gives her this edge, her work is framed well with crisp composition and poses that draw the viewer away from the concept of the drawing and into the character of the subject.

Her work is like a photo, mechanically etched a record of the London scene, makes me miss it, though not the mornings after.

Jennifer is one to watch and I'm pretty positive that with the right exposure her images will be ripping up 2013.

Who are you:
I'm an Artist and Illustrator born & based in South London.

What do you do:
I draw beautiful people, buildings, animals & anything else that takes my fancy and regularly take commissions. I'm currently working on a series of porn-esque images for a future exhibition. Plus a gallery of beards, because beards are cool.

How did you start:
I started drawing out of frustration of getting nowhere with my photography.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I have always created things, from a young age, whether it be with fuzzy felts, play-dough, paint or colouring pencils. I always found it hard to study art, and didn't enjoy being told a particular way of doing things. I'm learning to experiment with my vocation to the absolute maximum, as I look to create images that provoke an emotional reaction. I want to be producing art that is effective, original and constantly evolving.


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