8 Feb 2011

Artist 66: Lesley Barnes

A massive treat today, as we are featuring Lesley Barnes from the frozen lands of Scotland! Lesley is a wonderful illustrator and IR contributor with a fascinating and truly unique style. Animator Lesley has a wonderful way of bringing us inspirational patterns with elements from so many different and complex sources its impossible to define, with the dark stark clarity of ancient Greek pottery colliding with intense colour and pattern reminiscent of tribal art mixed with Turkish or even Russian design elements. One thing is truly certain, its a visual pleasure ride that grabs the viewer and forces them to look! Digital and at the same time natural and carefree there is a certain fantasy about her work that lends a fairy-tail mystery. Lesley has a real sense of fun with her use of colour and brings a powerful mix of just the right amount of vivid hues with her trademark stark solid black, that is not only instantly recognisable but also charming and affecting. Her characters are like little tin soldiers that are so full of life you expect to see motion and this is one of the defining features of all the work submitted to IR by animator/ illustrators. Motion is a really difficult thing to bring into an illustration and Lesley does it naturally and with ease. Her delicate work will have you instantly smitten, so lets have a big warm IR welcome to Lesley Barnes!

Who are you:
Hi my name is lesley and I am a lover of red socks, plaid scarves, brass buttons, choppy waters, an old fashioned murder mystery, high ceilings, large keys.and most of all a cunning smile!...

What do you do:
I am an illustrator/animator who is imspired by pattern, colour, kings, magic.......and animals with strange proportions.

How did you start:
I actually studied english lit at uni, which probably inspired me to become an animator so I could tell stories...but I have tried to increase my illustration work as I have loved drawing since I was a wee lassie.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
Hopefully my illustrations can just give your day a touch of magic! 


  1. thank-you IR! What an amazing (and extremely flattering!) post!!

  2. Such a cool post about a really cool artist!!