10 Feb 2011

Artist 67: Susan Burghart

It's a real privilege to feature the dynamic and exciting work of Susan Burghart. This talented illustrator and graphic designer has a plethora of wonderful clients and you can see why, with her considered lines and bold vibrant palette. She has a deft skilled touch which marks her work, especially her vector art which has a real delicacy that is difficult to achieve without making the work seem too considered or clinical. This is where she stands out as not only an incredibly versatile creative, with an incisive artistic vocabulary, but in her ease with colour and tone, that she uses boldly and confidently to maximum effect always drawing the viewer in and giving them that visual shot that makes work commercially appealing. She has mastered eye catching without being obtrusive and her way of capturing and presenting a visual Zeitgeist gives her work a relevance and snap. A pleasure to have her on the rally, read a little bit more about her here!

Who are you:

What do you do:
I work as an illustrator and designer.

How did you start:
Every school has "that kid who can draw." That was me! By the time I started college, I knew that graphic design and the art related field was my calling. I started out working as a web and print designer for several years. In the beginning, I worked for a public university, and our photography capabilities were limited due to budget constraints. So I had to rely a lot on illustration to spice layouts up. I also started illustrating on the side -- just using my imagination -- and that started to generate client interest in the private sector. Once I started getting commissions I decided to return to school and get my master's in illustration.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My art is an extension of who I am. I'm sharing personal interests, concerns, memories, experiences and observations. It's my way of communicating and relating with other people and making their day just a little bit better -- be it a joke, funny story, great pair of shoes, or something stunningly beautiful. It's that moment when you see or hear something in your day and want to share it with someone else. My goal is to create work straight from the heart and constantly improve on what I already do. I aim to balance a fresh and edgy, yet nostalgic and elegant feel to my work.


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