11 Feb 2011

Sandra Dieckmann and Jamie Mills: Artistic Collaboration

It's with great pleasure that we get to introduce a wonderful new collaboration feature. Here on the Rally we are always interested in the latest groups, collectives and collaborations, so its great that we can feature one of the freshest pairings out there currently. 

Sandra Dieckmann and Jamie Mills both Rally veterans, have produced a beautiful series of cards entitled 'Endangered Animals' 

The cards really are brilliant idea with some of the proceeds going to charity, they also give us the rare opportunity to enjoy the fusion of these two very exciting illustrators work. Both are masters of animals with a considered and delicate style and both have a great eye for colour and composition and you can see this by how slick these cards are. So without too much further ado we bring you Sandra Dieckmann and Jamie Mills and their Endangered Species series. 

So, what's going down?

The production of our now very gorgeous looking 'Endangered Animals' card sets is going into it's final stages. We are super excited and can't wait for our first collaboration to launch! There will be a numbered, hand-written and signed limited number of boxes up for sale first so you might want to pre-order with either me or Mr. Jamie Mills already. Just email us or leave a comment here or there!
Last week a few of the sets traveled to Angoulême BD Festival in France with Jamie which is a big arts fair and where they were very well received and sold. We are pleased and working hard to be ready here soon! 

Some of the proceeds will go to charity!Box of 10 cards :: £12

Visit their society6 

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