16 Mar 2011

Artist 78: Bruce Parker

Just as we said, we are still going to serve you the very best in up and coming art and artists, and we have a great fresh talent now for you. From the iconic city of Newcastle, Bruce Parker gives us a rich visual assault. Brucey's work comes in fast and full on with pure street mixed with clever composition and some true penmanship. It's easy to lose the focus with this kind of street style but when you have all of these elements combining you get a truly awe inspiring montage, that draws influence form graffiti, tattoo and skate culture with a touch of euphoria and psilocybin adding to the heady mix. Brucey's work has a lot of character and you feel like you almost need it to be present on stickers in the club and on the walls. Its part of a growing culture with it's own expression and freedom and Brucey manages to can that youth and edge, forcing all the delirium, ecstasy and tension of a mad night out and feeding it straight back at you. Whether his work sparks personal memories, brings the street to your door or reminds you to get back in contact with the lads from back in the day, it's evocative and mesmerising. Clearly some of the best examples of the scene Brucey distils this time, and this place, and for that we are truly grateful.

Who are you:
I’m Bruce Parker aka Brucey, a 22-year-old Artist from Newcastle, England.

What do you do:
I create vectoresque, character based artwork primarily using paint markers.

How did you start:
I have always loved to draw since as long as I can remember and while studying Animation and Illustration at college I discovered “Lowbrow Art” and this became the perfect way for me to utilize my skills.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My artwork tends to focus on characters that are trapped in a sea of familiar patterns, icons and objects. This creates an almost psychologists ink blot effect as it leads people to pick out the items that are most appropriate to them within each picture. The objects that appear in each piece are chosen either to follow a theme for that particular picture, or I add objects for the purpose of symbolism and metaphor.

American artists such as Greg Simkins, Attaboy and Joe Ledbetter are a big influence on my work, and I also take a lot of inspiration from cult and classic movies.

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