10 Mar 2011

News: Fun and games, uDraw!

A little bit of light hearted news from World of uDraw for you now. Introducing a brand new way of expressing yourself, Nintendo Wii now has a graphics tablet

The tablet is aimed at families and children, and sports games where you can learn the basics as well as play games where your quick wits and skill with a line helps you save the world. A new way of bringing art to the masses or the best way to train your children for their future in digital art, it really is amazing some of the things you can get out of such a simple system. Although in its early days the small rugged tablet even has motion control, making it something of a unique breed. We have already seen the amazing things people can create using the motion sensors on Wii including the prelude to the 3Ds, so give it time and maybe we will be having something a little bit special. 

So if you want to train your kids before letting them loose on your brand new Cintiq this may be the answer!

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