5 May 2011

Artist 87: Matilde Sazio

All the illustrations above is created for Amelia's magazine.

It's artist feature time now and we have a real cracker for you now, Matilde Sazio. Matilde is a dynamic artist whose images burst out at you, so full of colour and life. She has a real eye for her subjects and can capture expressions with the merest hint of a line. The first thing you notice about her work is her stunning palette and how bold she is with colour. Its a real graphic style that has that instant pop art shock value that just grabs you and makes you look. Not content with this she also gives us some really good composition using vivid backgrounds and elements to bring her subject into sharper focus still. Its worth noting that with a such a pared down style it is easy to lose the character as the image becomes more distilled, but Matilde combats this with a very skilful choice of line and she excels in giving us this cheeky smile or sideways glance whilst still presenting her super sharp fashion illustration. Whilst there are many that use a graphical style like this Matilde has her own distinctiveness with a slightly softer line and her trademark bold chromatic work that pulses with opposite tones and sharp high contrast. Using a soft line but harsh colour is a great take on the style and with her good eye for her subject she is sure to win everyone over. With the best of luck for all her future success it's Matilde Sazio!

Who are you:
My name is Matilde and I am an illustrator, photographer and designer living and freelancing in London.
I studied Art & Design at Chelsea College of Art and Visual Communications at LCC (Postgrad).

What do you do:
Lately I have been illustrating for online magazines such as Amelia's Magazine and Creaturemag as well as being featured on Ballad Of. I relish the challenge of representing a story through pure imagery, whether I am illustrating an up-coming Indie band, a film review, a product, or a topical news story. I am working on a range of ideas for picture books and have also painted bespoke murals for children's bedrooms and designed my own jewellery.

How did you start:
*Scratches head* Drawing witches and the White Rabbit from about four years of age! I loved Alice in Wonderland (still obsessed) and anything mythical or other worldly has always been appealing. From Bedknobs and broomsticks to Edgar Allen Poe to Thumbelina. My imagination thrives on these stories and so it's been my life's ambition to illustrate a children's story book having grown up reading the Grimm brother's fairy tales and of course Hans Christian Anderson. I couldn't imagine a world without illustrations, it would be so dull. I have always been creative whether painting, sculpting, designing jewellery or storytelling but most of the things I created were either for friends or family. It was when I designed a mural for a friend that I realised I could go much further and consider a professional career. I bit the bullet and last November submitted my first illustration to Amelia's Magazine. Prior to that I had no formal education in illustration.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I have a huge curiosity and love of art and design and I want to use all the mediums possible to push me and test what I can create.
Above all I consider my work to be about storytelling. I want it to have an impact and leave an impression.

Matilde's blog
Direct link to the portfolio of work for Amelia's Magazine

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