19 May 2011

Ganbare Nippon: status update!

2 months have passed since we have launched our Don't give up Japan appeal, and we have had over 200 pieces of beautiful artwork submitted so far and with your help, we have raised an amazing £1364, it's phenomenal! Thank you so so much!!

Online submissions and artwork donations are still welcome so feel free to get in touch if you want to help. :)

I'd like to let you know that as well as all the wonderful pieces we have been displaying we have some amazing products donated by our kind and lovely community on our etsy shop here, some of them are Japan themed and some of them are not . We have a massive range of products, from original artwork to accessories and prices start only from £4 so I'm sure you can find something to suit you, and your money is going to be used for a great cause,so please take a look! We have a lot more products than I listed here so please please visit our shop, Ganbare Nippon!

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