24 May 2011

Artist 90: Nancy Straughan

Our latest artist feature is one of the new breed of multi-talented illustrators and textile artists who are really pushing the bounds, many diversify but the real trick is to do it well which is something that Nancy Straughan really succeeds at. From looking at her fashion illustration, you can observe her mature style which even while developing has a strength and sharpness that her bold and intense line draw to the fore immediately. She demonstrates great penmanship and a very high level of developed mechanical skill which is becoming a real rarity in some styles. It's lovely to see that the classical approach can still hold it's own and pay dividends as a current and relevant approach. She documents fashion well and her accuracy and command of tone will stand her in good stead as she develops. As she moves forwards in her career I really hope she continues to build on her solid foundations and integrates her deep tonal intricate faces into the clothes more as her fully rendered work is so strong. Wonderful artist with a great future ahead of her, we wish her all the best for a bright future!

Who are you:
My name is Nancy Straughan, I study printed textiles at Leeds College of Art but I also practice fashion illustration.

What do you do:
I am in my final year studying printed textiles but I really enjoy drawing too. I like to draw in quite a traditional photorealistic style using pencils, but I also digitally add subtle details, colour, and texture. I focus on portraits but have recently been commissioned to create some fashion illustrations.

At the moment I am focusing on creating a range of printed textile designs for fashion and interiors, as well as creating some illustrations for a range of clients.

How did you start: 
I have always been very creative, and have enjoyed drawing for years. Its only recently though that I have become confident in my illustration skills and I have really enjoyed creating lots of illustration work this past year. After creating a lot of various work using Adobe Illustrator I decided that I would like to utilize my illustration skills to create more handmade looking work, which I have really enjoyed.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I am inspired by many other wonderful illustrators and hope that my work will also be enjoyed by others and inspire other illustrators. An illustration of a portrait can capture something beautiful and interesting, which is why I enjoy drawing people so much. Right now I would like to continue and improve my skills, be that in illustration or print design. I enjoy designing and making but I think illustration is a wonderful way for me to create something from start to finish with a sense of accomplishment.

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