29 Jun 2011

Retrospective: Paint it! Make it!

Well I'm almost sad to write this as it means all the cakes have been eaten, the origami folded and the live drawing has met the fate of the vast majority of its ephemeral brothers. Though saying that it, the whole day was an epic win for the rally and our appeal netting us a massive £300.16 pounds, on a day when the tube was down Glastonbury was on, and the whole world was conspiring to keep us out of London!

Preparation time...
So the train broke down on the way, the weatherman lied to us through his teeth but we made it and turned up to find the most beautiful sight of hard working friends and artists coming together to put on a kick ass event. The book club probably has never been subjected to so much colour and verve, what with stunning kimonos and yukatas, zine binding, our origami zoo, hundreds of pen, papers and crafty bits, two massive cardboard trees, portraits, cakes and not forgetting the awesome live drawing by Messrs Millerchip, Jones, Fiddle and Chan.(which would be literally the best name for a law firm in history)

Prizes from ToDryFor, No Guts No Glory and Kuretake UK!
Beautiful Emma Block and Kim Roberts in Yukatas!
The event kicked of with absconding temporary DJ who set up the sound and simultaneously startled pigeons as far as Toxteth. Some light furniture moving, unpacking wrapping, cutting, sticking, glueing, taping, re-taping later the scene was set with epic paper chains and bunting, more balloons than you could shake a stick at and possibly the best craft area in the history of creation. Well at least Shoreditch anyway.

The whole event flew by as we drew in and tempted friends and ordinary slightly worried londoners into our den and gave what could only be described as an old school kids party meets high end art event. Many a cake was sold, portrait painted and kimono donned. and in the end there was the raffle, which I personally fixed... Well as it turned out lucky and tiny seems to go hand in hand, with our diminutive first winner taking not only the first signed towel but Millerchip's ticket, and his shirt (raffle prize, not his actual shirt!)

Origami workshop by Erica Sharp and Kuretake UK pen trial!
Zine making workshop by Lea Wade!
Live portrait drawing by Jenny Robins and June Sees!
Live drawing in morning!
Completed live drawing by Mr Millerchip, Kristian Jones, Seb Burnett and Stephen Chan!
So a massive thanks to all those who came and to all those who helped out tirelessly, giving us the first of what we hope will be many Illustration Rally live art events!

We have some fantastic pictures both here and on our flickr page, so please check them out. So till the next time we invade London with a cheeky swagger and a bag full of pens, we couldn't have done it without you!

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  1. What a fantastic event - and so gutted I couldn't be there. The Live drawing is really really good! Well done everyone!