6 Jun 2011

Artist 92: Sarah Dennis

Fabulous artist now for your viewing pleasure. Sarah Dennis has a great and instantly eye-catching style. Her work is bold and has that lyrical quality, which brings the eye in and flows the gaze around the image revealing the complex layering in her work, her skilful choice of collage materials adds depth and her use of colour is interesting with a familiar palette that unites her work and gives her that instant branding that you need to stand out. Her work is both sweet and magical, blending fantasy and storytelling with both traditional and imagined images that give her work the look of a modern fairytale. Integrating both collage and cut out into a modern style, she is a master of composition allowing her to create efficiently without distracting from her subjects. A great artist, please read on for a little about her.
Who are you:
Sarah Dennis

What do you do:
Freelance Illustration

How did you start:
I did a degree at the University of The West of England since I completed my degree I have been working and exhibiting.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Sarah Dennis is a freelance illustrator living in London. She completed a BA Hons in illustration in 2008 at the University of The West of England. Within her illustrations she uses traditional collage using papers such as cards, vintage floral papers, envelopes and graph papers she combines her collage work with contemporary techniques such as Photoshop to create a bold magical retro style.

Since working as a freelance illustrator over the past two years Sarah has grown and developed a familiar, unique style that has been used primarily within editorials. As a result, she has gained a strong reputation within her own field and has even been recognized by pan Macmillan, Ammo Magazine and Amelia's magazine as well as working with a broad range of clients. 

Please have a look at her online portfolio www.sarah-dennis.co.uk.

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  1. Sarah your work is beautiful! :)