19 Jul 2011

Artist 98: Robert Tirado

Beauty, technique, illustration and traditional media all collide here on the rally now with our latest artist feature. Robert Tirado, the Venezuelan born artist living in Sunny Spain brings us a visual feast of  beauty that incorporates, technique and freedom to give a distinctive yet instantly engaging style of work that really takes on the idea of digital media and throws it firmly into the realm of the artist and the creative. Not only this but with the level of skill with which Robert draws and the sheer technical audacity that he uses, many would struggle to keep up. He brings in the big guns when he draws female beauty, never conventional, more of an off the cuff response to the way the female form is composed in space. His faces are sublime, carrying both a weight of meaning and a dynamism about them. He really does own his space and his free and clever style is the perfect accent to his perceptions of female beauty. Wishing him continued good success it's Robert Tirado!

Who are you: 
My name is Robert Tirado. I’m an illustrator and graphic artist from Caracas, Venezuela. I currently living and work in Madrid, Spain.

What do you do:
My work is a mixture between traditional techniques and digital paintings.
I’m strongly influenced by music, art, graphic design, photography, history…
Lately, my works have an approaching to the fashion illustration world, taking female figure as a main theme.

How did you start:
When I was a teenager, I took some drawing classes and I felt in love with drawing and painting.

Anyway, I was interested in graphic design…
But conscious of my abilities for drawing and my affinity with painting, I decided to study the illustration.

… and my entire life changed when I started illustration career.

Currently, I just can’t separate my life style and fun time from work, because I have fun when I work.
I’m a very passionate person with my work. I mean, my fun time is close to illustration, art, design and music.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I think my work would be described as delicate, subtle and soft… and with lots of technical freedom: lot of versatility in the application and combination of techniques. I hate to limit myself to a formula to resolve all my pieces. So I let myself go and act naturally. There are retro elements in my artwork and sometimes geometric shapes. But despite variations in my own style, I think there are certain characteristics present all throughout my work.


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