4 Aug 2011

Artist 102: Jack Gilliland

Proud of showcasing new talent on the rally, we have a great new artist to bring you today. Jack Gilliland has got himself a great bold style backed up with some serious skill based chops, always a fan of hard graft and painstaking working practice I'm more than happy to introduce Jack and his characterful illustrations. Jack is one of those artists who can visually summarise a person, but crucially he also has the skill to pull of drawing them in a compassionate and expressive way. Familiar people in familiar scenes, he can evoke the self conscious, painfully deliberate carelessness of a student's pose, so full of personality you can almost smell the cigarette smoke. Jack grabs personality and plates it in a soft palette with intense lines. He has a very developed eye for figure which is one of the best traits to take forward in an expanding working practice, he eats form and gives you composition, at his strongest working from life, he excels at showing us those he knows and he should stick to his guns, as he is onto a good thing. So wishing him the best of luck and with great pleasure, It's Jack Gilliland.

Who are you:
I am Jack Gilliland and i like to draw.

What do you do:
I am currently studying Graphic Design at university and just about go into my third year. My work is all mainly illustration based as i really enjoy drawing. I am hoping to soon open up an etsy shop and start making prints and designing tshirts to sell, as i really enjoy making things aswell as drawing.

How did you start:
 I have always really liked drawing ever since i was little. By the end of school/sixth form it was the only thing i was really interested in doing, so i did a foundation degree at College and then when onto University

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I tend to work by hand using pens and pencils to do initial line drawings and then i bring my illustrations onto a computer to edit and colour. I usually draw things i find amusing or a bit different, i like keeping it fun most of the time and hopefully that comes across in my work.


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  1. I like his style! The dog would look awesome on a shirt or bag. Looking forward to see more of him!