11 Aug 2011

Artist 105: Thuraya Lynn

Feature time again, and a nice little treat now in the shape of Kuwaiti writer and illustrator Thuraya Lynn. Thuraya has a great originality created in a melting pot of culture and style, her work is at once reminiscent of Taiyo Matsumoto and her style resonates with the same feverish energy as Tekkon Kinkreet and her images cut with her beautiful multilingual text give a dose of pure authenticity that makes her work really stand out. Her work is strong and her characters stare out at you seemingly defiant and ashamed. Always with an inner tension her characters stand on the verge of insanity liable to love or kill her work has a great dose of sardonic humour, happy or dark her work is a real force and truly a rarity. It would be hard to place Thuraya's work in a box and this is one of the things that will stand her in good stead as she forges ahead. Great to find someone so unique with such an interesting style, so a without further ado it's Thuraya Lynn.

Who are you:
Thuraya Lynn, a Kuwaiti artist and writer. I was heavily infleunced by Southern Eastern culture, particularly Japanese music and movies. I grew up watching Japanese animations especially works by Studio Ghibli's creator Hayao Miyazaki, as I grew older my interest turned into the horror, absurd and surrealist genres, the likes of Seuhiro Maruo, Nakayama Masaaki, Kazou Umezu, Junji Ito became inspirational figures.

What do you do:
I'm a drawist.

How did I start:
Drawing has always been an activity I enjoy, I found myself constantly doing it.. It took me longer than most people I know to realize this is I wanted to do with my future. The decision happened on my birthday last year, so it's been a near-year since I've indulged into the art industry and getting to learn and know of other fellow artists.

A personal statement about you or your work:
I'd close my eyes, think, rethink a preposition and after I get a clear vision of it in my mind, I allow it to dissolve onto paper. My works molds into a junction between unrealistic, messy and playful. Whenever I start sketching I have myself a laugh, I find my work is hilariously funny. I had feedback about it being strange, raw,
confusing and scary. I enjoy these outputs in contrast to those who tell me they're cute, they're missing the point.


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