8 Aug 2011

Artists 103: Luke Brookes

Feature time again and we have some more eye candy for you in the form of the sweet and gentle work of Luke Brookes. freelancing for a mere matter of months Luke's tight style has won him a great breakthrough client list and I'm sure he is going to go from strength to strength with his easygoing approachable style. Luke's  style allows him the freedom to express narrative in his work with almost perfect clarity, making him commercially very useful as well as giving him a great platform for his imagery. Luke has a familiar style yet he takes it and makes it his own with his use of light and his attention to the natural world. His rendering of the night sky is elegant and belies some sort of interest in the cosmos. His work really comes into it's own when dealing with nature and natural scenes and he can capture the essence of an animal or landscape and break it down into clear cut but beautifully executed pieces creating a scene that speaks volumes. Having survived Staffs uni (which is no mean feat if you have ever been into the LRV on a night out), he is making waves and I can guarantee you will be seeing a lot of him in the future!  

Who are you:
My name is Luke Brookes and I'm a freelance illustrator currently living and working in a small village just outside of Birmingham, UK.

What do you do:
I started freelancing about 9 months ago after graduating from Staffordshire University. Since then I have worked with some really cool people and i am loving every minute of it!

Personal Statment:
My work is very narrative driven, I cannot help creating little stories in my head about the scenes or characters I create. I like to include as much depth in my work as I can, so when you come back and look at it you discover a new element. A lot of my work depicts scenes of nature and the beauty of a landscape. I use layered shapes and color's to create vast worlds and scenes ranging from a snowy wilderness to fantasy wonderlands that always engage the viewer.


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  1. I like this! A very similar style to Andrew Bannecker: