30 Aug 2011

News: Riot Cleanup Charity Auction!

As we all know, and probably a few narrowly escaped, the spontaneous looting in England caused all sorts of devastation. Both physical and social scarring fresh from the oppressive blight festering in today's society... Or something like that, whilst the politicians were sifting through the ashes trying to appear cleaner than clean, the real hardcore came out. Riot cleanup was all about putting things right and nothing could send out a better message of solidarity than the sight of broom brandishing twitterati and locals alike cleaning and dusting, making a point as they cleared away both the rubbish and the trauma. Here at the Rally we stand in support of the artistic community and their response to these events. 

So in response to this illustrator Emmeline Pidgen has produced a limited run of 75 amazing A2 4 colour screen prints.

A little more about the project from Emmeline:

"I recently I illustrated a poster supporting the riot clean ups across the UK. The poster had a jaw-droppingly positive response on the internet, with over 19,000 views in two days.
Prompted by it's success I have organised (with the help of Riot Clean Up Manchester ) getting it made into screen prints to be auctioned for charity. We've had an amazing amount of support from the press, Manchester City Council and businesses affected by the riots.

The auction's on now and absolutely all the money raised from the auction of them goes to Reclaim Project and Leap Confronting Conflict charities who do amazing work with disadvantaged young people.

25 other prints are being donated to people who helped with the clean ups in Manchester and to local businesses that helped by providing free food, drinks etc to the clean up people.

So, please support her and get bidding here, and you can get a little more info from Manchester Confidential here!

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  1. Great poster! And good luck with the auction, I hope it goes well.