3 Sep 2011

Artist 110: Jessica Townsend

Massive Illustration Rally love for the fabulous Jessica Townsend who hails from my beloved Cornwall, land of pasty factories, deserted tin mines, blue skies and murderous seagulls. So without to much further ado lets get into her work., and it's a real treat with some deep rooted pop art vibes, owing to her strong compositional skills.She has a great use of palette, bringing eye melting or colour straight at you with a great vector ensemble that gives a great kitsch vibe, a 90s dance anthem CD re-imagined and thrown at the viewer like a sparkling punch. Her work has a kaleidoscopic effect with great textures delicately housed within smartly crafted frames. Deliciously self conscious lines which appear like slick vector but trace hand drawn, soft and gentle, bringing the viewer along into her super sweet high contrast world. Invoking dream like fantasy and hard commercialism her work is both marketable and highly consumable, with it's familiar feel subverted into something a little more edgy. Jessica has a beautiful body of work and a guaranteed place on the hit list with her slick style. So here's to Jessica Townsend and we wish her the best of luck!

Who are you:
Jessica Townsend, a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in London but originally from sunny Cornwall!

What do you do:
I freelance as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer as well as teach Graphics and Photography. I also work on my own projects such as developing Children’s picture book concepts and expanding my greetings card line.

How did you start:
I am one of those people that was always drawing as a child and who knew from the very beginning that it was what I wanted to do with my life in some capacity. I completed an illustration degree at University College Falmouth, followed by a PGCE in Art Education. After University I worked in-house as a Graphic Designer which helped shape my style as I discovered the joys of computer aided design. I have been working on freelance projects intermittently since I graduated.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I am obsessed with illustration and spend the majority of my time creating it, collecting it, or being inspired by it. The illustration style that I have developed allows me to use my love of freehand drawing with the flexibility of computer-aided design.

I collect Children’s picture books, spend a large proportion of time with a camera to my eye (to the annoyance of all who know me), have a thing for random vintage finds, really want a dog, and have an identical twin sister (who isn’t artistic at all!).


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