5 Sep 2011

Artist 111: Nolan Pelletier

A lovely illustration style to introduce to you all now with illustrator Nolan Pelletier. Toronto based Nolan uses a great naive style with a strong palette to grab attention and give the viewer a real treat. His work is strong and his technique honed into a great ready made and commercially savvy style which allows him to access all areas with his gentle legible visual language. Cats feature prominently in Nolan's work and he uses them as a great motif throughout his style and it gives his work great character. It's nice to see such a welcoming and light style using these techniques and great composition that can make his work special. He has a real talent for isolating the character of his subjects and his pared down style gives us both the feel and clever little details in his work. Nolan will definitely go from strength to strength with his slick productions and  I'm sure he will be snapped up so keep watching out as he carves his way through the crowded field of naive  styles and we wish him all the best in the future.

Who are you: 
Nolan Pelletier

What do you do:

How did you start:
Started drawing cats and never stopped! 

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I'm an illustrator from Connecticut currently living in Toronto. My work has recently appeared in the New York Times and Fantasy Camp Press. I really like cats. I work in pen & ink and gouache. 


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