20 Oct 2011

Fashion Illustration Rally, in collaboration with RedRock!

This rally is now closed for submission.

Among our community we know we have some truly fantastic fashion illustrators and we are really pleased to announce a rally that will hopefully whet your appetites! We bring you our first ever fashion illustration rally in collaboration with our lovely friends at RedRock who will be judging the entrants and awarding a goodie bag to the winner!

RedRock, created by designer and stylist Kiran Lall, has a real gift for creating trend grabbing clothes as well as timeless indie pieces all crafted by hand at their studios in Northampton. They pride themselves on their hand made ethos and unique style,. The up and coming label has been gracing some of the hottest boutiques around and the slim shoulders of Lauren Pope, Audrey Kitching, Paloma Faith and E4's Skins. Featured in Sew Hip Magazine, Drapers and Company Magazine, they held their first show in London's Brick Lane. So with that in mind here's a little bit about them, by them!

"RedRock is for girls who like to have fun with fashion, stand out from the crowd by wearing something a little different that can't be found on the High Street. RedRock is not about following trends but looking great wearing WHAT YOU WANT...and still FEELING A MILLION DOLLARS $

More recently RedRock has be involved with re-working vintage clothing from the eras of 60's, 70's and 80's for something a little extra special and timeless!!"

As for the submission we are looking for some great interpretations of their designs using the pictures below for your inspiration. So crack out those pens, inks and wacoms, put a brew on and crank up the tunes, because it's going to get tasty!

Submission Guidelines 
  • Images to be inspired by the photos above, though feel free to use any techniques or materials you choose.
  • Low res, 72 dpi jpeg file please so that we can get them up easily at web quality.
  • Don't forget to send us the links to your portfolio sites, (blog, facebook, flickr and etc) if you are sending us your product, send us a link to the pages you are selling your products.
  • Send us a link to your twitter account if you have one, so I can promote you on twitter effectively.
  • Please send your work to illustrationrally[at]hotmail.co.uk with the title "Fashion Rally Submission"
  • Deadline is Friday 2nd December.
  • Announcement of winners tbc.

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