5 Aug 2010

Artist 04: uberkraaft

Here is our fourth featured artist uberkraaft, he is super talented, self motivated and the model of a great illustrator with his many projects and community activities. He has a fun doodling style of illustration with a more developed, skillful digital illustration. His European countries rally submission is yet to come, so keep your eyes peeled for his country!

Who are you:
Hello. I'm uberkraaft - doodler, drawist, dreamer & digital paint monger.

What do you do:
By day I am a Creative Director, designer & illustrator for a small agency just outside London, and all other waking hours I'm a freelance illustrator and perpetual image maker. I live and breathe rad & creative stuff and try my best to make some ace work myself.

How did you start:
I've always drawn - I did a Fine Art degree in sculpture at Sheffield & snaffled a Masters in Digital Media from Coventry along the way... I picked up the illustration bug only last year and have carried on from there. I remember reading a thing about the super prolific & talented 'maker' Malota where she said the biggest thing she did to make work & get better was to get rid of the TV. That kinda clicked with me & I figured that I should just get busy and see what would happen....

Personal statement:
Just making eclectic work and enjoying the ride... At the moment, swinging between doodle based illustration, grainy environments and retro flavoured oddness and basically trying to avoid having a set style or path. Taking on too many projects & not getting paid but having a bunch of fun.

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