12 Aug 2010

Artist 05: Jamie Mills

Here is our fifth artist feature on Jamie Mills, he is still studying at his university but he already has obtained a style and I pretty much love his use of colours and observation of things along with his good sense of composition. I think we are going to see a lot of him in the future! :)

Who are you:
Jamie Mills - often known as Jamie Milk.

What do you do:
I study illustration at the University of Gloucestershire and I spend a lot of time getting distracted by excellent dogs in the park.

How did you start:
I suppose I haven't really 'started' yet - but I am about to enter my third year and the prospect of what happens after that is a little daunting. Starting a blog this year and making myself do something creative every day has helped my work massively. I'm just trying to get involved with as many things/projects as possible now to, hopefully, give myself some sort of platform for when I do 'start'.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Currently, my work seems to be about mountains - nature, generally, plays a very big part in my drawings as does geometry. I like quite fine, textured pencil work mixed in with big, simple, colourful shapes which, ideally would be screen printed. And bears. I really like bears.

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  1. well done darling! I love your work (but you know that already!)