22 Aug 2010

Artist 08: Felice Perkins

Felice Parkins is our next beautiful feature, her work instantly grabs you with it's bold lively colours and evocative imagery. This collection is themed around Mexican culture and the day of the dead celebrations. Her style is vibrant, full of life and movement and I hope you will enjoy it as much as me!

Who are you:
Felice Perkins(FEP)

What do you do:

I'm not actually totally sure what I am! I like to say I make stuff because artist/illustrator sounds scarily defined. I've illustrated student magazines, been in Fine Art shows and am currently doing some childrens book illustration. I like to just follow my intuition, if I'm still having a good time doing it then its going in the right direction.

How did you start:
Its just what I do, I can't remember a time when I didn't want to create. As a young child I spent my lunch breaks in the school yard obsessively drawing fish, adding bizzare elongated fins and hundreds of intricate scales. This is probably my earliest memory of being totally compelled by creating.

A Personal statement about you or your work:

My work is an ever changing delight in colour/materials and ideas. Most recently I have found myself becoming interested in more provoking subjects's such as the wealth divide and the environment (something which I now have mixed views about) and I have slowly been trying to filter this into my artwork. The end product varies from pencil drawn scantily clad designer branded anorexic ladies, to blobs of paint peppered with strange creatures, to what you see above. Mostly my main criteria is to have fun and not feel too boxed in, I hope that this feeling is projected in the work.

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