17 Sep 2010

Artist 22: Sara E Barnes

An extra special welcome for the stunning and captivating work of Sara E Barnes! Talented illustrator and prolific blogger, Sara has a powerful style with a drama and tension. Using the tools of both writer and illustrator Sara is able to create and reflect simultaneously, creating work which captures your imagination and then asks you questions. Check out her stunning blog and don't forget to read her interview too!

Who are you:
I am Sara E Barnes. I live and work in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Home of the famed tv show, The Wire!

What do you do:
I tend to multi-task; I do freelance illustration and design, I am one part of the WAFA Collective (a global collective!), and I also blog - I am the person behind Brown Paper Bag, which focuses on works on paper.

How did you start:
I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I found my mother's sketchbooks as a child and became inspired by what I saw. I was (still am!) lucky enough to have parents that supported my artistic endeavors, and I attended art school in Baltimore, MD. From there, I've continued to create work and to attempt to speak my point of view to the world.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Coming from an illustrative background, my work tends to have some sort of narrative to it, although not always a linear one. I am interested in pattern and repetition, and how these things shape our daily lives, not only aesthetically, but through our engagement of the world around us. I apply it to my images, which a lot of times deal with what goes on inside our head - how we see ourselves and the demonstration of a feeling (or feelings).

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