18 Sep 2010

Artist 23: Cool Surface

Sharp, clean and desirable, the work of Cool Surface does exactly what it says on the tin! Its intelligent and slick, well composed but keeps the naturalistic flair of accomplished artists. With skills like this, its no wonder that this twosome are well on their way to becoming industry giants. A mix of humour and chic give their work that classic comic edge, and you know whether its a giant robot or a femme fatale you won't get a better atmosphere than Cool Surface! Check them out here!

Who are you:
David and Sarah Cousens aka Cool Surface

What do you do:
We draw a slightly insane, often cheeky and always colourful world of illustration where our heroic robots, surreal monsters, sexy women and adorable animals excite and entertain in advertising, editorials, exhibitions, professional education, publishing and television work. We also drink a lot of tea and insult each other which are the cornerstones of a great marriage!

How did you start:
I got my first proper start after submitting my work to Advanced Photoshop’s “Peer Pressure” section 4 years ago. The Editor awarded me “Best in show” and offered me a tutorial for the very next issue. Shortly afterwards my art was printed in Digital Arts where a senior editor at Kingfisher/Macmillan publishing saw it an offered me a 4 book deal. This was enough work for Sarah and I to both illustrate so we took my established brand name Cool Surface and turned it into an illustration company.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
We make art that we enjoy ourselves and hope that others do too. We try to always have fun in our artwork and wherever we can we’ll throw in little Easter-eggs or jokes in the artwork so that people can really enjoy looking at the details.

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