29 Sep 2010

Artist 27: Octavi Navarro

A big warm welcome to the fantastic Octavi Navarro! Children's illustrator, artist, animator and technical scientific draughtsman! That's right, the truly multi-talented Navarro has the talent and diligence, which is clear from his highly polished style, it captures a gentle serenity and presents the viewer with calculated delight. It is whimsical yet refined, and this runs deep within his work, with initially simple imagery delicate and detailed in its execution. There is lots of joy and a peaceful conscientiousness which gives the room to see and to imagine. From beautiful Barcelona to your computer screen read about him here!

Who are you:
Hi! I'm Octavi Navarro, an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. I love art, music and my cats, even though they often scratch and play with my drawings!

What do you do:
I absolutely love everything related to art. Right now I'm trying to stay afloat in the highly saturated market of spanish children's illustration, but I also enjoy creating little personal animations, making technical drawings for scientific publishers, and improving my painting skills in art schools.

How did you start:
Since I was born I had two dreams: become an astronaut and become an artist. The first one was impossible to fulfill as it required good maths skills, and the second one... well... I forgot to mention that my dream was to be a rich artist. So I decided to forget all that and start what has become a fairly long career as a graphic designer, but at some point my old dreams appeared again and I had to go after them. I'll never travel to the Moon and I'm far from being rich, but now I can proudly say that I'm feeding the little "artist" inside me.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I work my illustrations as little scenarios where I put static characters. I like them to look like dolls or sculptures in a quiet environment. I also make big use of traditional and digital tools to find the desired textures, shadows and light. What I love the most of this profession is that you never stop improving, you learn more and more everyday and that's priceless!


  1. I love his style! Great shapes and colour palette ^_^

  2. M'agrada la manera com descrius el teu accés a la professió i el positivisme que desprens. Jo també he donat unes quantes voltes pel que se suposa havien de ser camins "més pràctics" abans de tornar a mirar enrera per retrobar aquell vell amor pel dibuix... ara m'hi poso, com qui diu.