12 Oct 2010

Artist 31: Phill Burrows

Illustration Rally is pleased to present Phillip Burrows, a true master, Phill sometimes known as Phillou has a distinguished and wonderful client list and has recently finished his 11th book! He is a quintessential illustrator who has a wonderful uplifting technique honed over the years, that instantly produces a smile, then a laugh. He has that skill that is rare to see, in that he can capture the most essential point of an image or concept and render it so well that it needs no further explanation. A wicked sense of humour and a soft touch deftly combine to give a visual eloquence that is truly special. His commercial work includes storyboarding and he shows a real talent for conveying information with as few strokes as is necessary. He is a true inspiration to all those starting out, we are lucky to have him so read about him here!

Who are you:
Hi. Yes, I'm Phill, sometimes known as Phillou in my illustrating life. I live in Windsor UK, but am ready to move again. When I'm not busy doodling and drawing, I can be found eating biscuits and drinking coffee and catching up on gossip. I'm very restless, and would like to move to the mountains, or the coast or the city. I seem to swing from one place to another depending on my mood.

What do you do:
I'm an illustrator, and use the computer to tweak and colour and send artwork. I still prefer drawing on paper and then using Photoshop or Illustrator, to finish and tidy up the artwork. I have slowly moved into graphic novels which i adore drawing as you can invent anything in the story and go anywhere with it.

How did you start: 
I never went to art school, instead did a degree in French and Art History way back in the olden days. I then taught English as a foreign language all over the place, but never really enjoyed it - except for the quick doodles I'd do on the board. I found I captivated my class's attention with the cartoons I drew, and then made them roar with laughter. It was great fun, though I'm not sure they learned much. It also pushed me into continuing with drawing which had always been my first love. I slowly slowly built up a portfolio, and through word of mouth and some advertising, became very busy.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
My work is varied and I still like to push the boundaries and mess with different styles. I like to have it semi realistic, but semi cartoony as well. with a friendly almost amusing air. Ideally, I would love to draw  huge complicated pieces the size of a large wall. This though would take time. And time is such a precious commodity these days. I love to listen to music as I draw and eat chocolate. I would not trade jobs with anyone though, except maybe a pilot. Though I'm sure I wouldn't have many passengers!

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