16 Nov 2010

Artist 42: Julissa Mora

Another wonderful artist for you, based in beautiful Florida we have a truly fantastic children's illustrator for you. A big warm welcome to Julissa Mora! In the crowded space of children's illustration, its always nice to see something fresh and clever. Her gentle, light touch brings her subjects to life and gives the viewer the instant catchy imagery that will hold the attention of little ones and bring a smile to the faces of any reader. She has a real sense of space and freedom in her imagery and this gives a warm comforting feel whilst still being light and airy. Simple but clever its the distillation of her work that means that you get as much as you need from each image. Very skilful and a creator of beautiful loving work please read about her here!

Who are you:
My name is Julissa and I was born and raised in Miami, in a Cuban household. I guess I had a pretty "average" childhood hehe. :) I live in Central Florida with my husband and two cats.

What do you do:
I'm a freelance illustrator and do work mostly for the juvenile market. You can see samples of my work here.

How did you start:
I studied illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design. After graduation, I pursued my career and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. I learned a lot about the business world during those years. In 2006, one of my long-time goals came true and I began my freelance career in the children’s publishing world. I found an art rep right away, which helped bring in most of my work.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Most of my freelance work is geared towards the children's market. However, I also have a passion for the human figure and enjoy landscape painting. It's a personal endeavor of mine.

I get most of my inspiration for my children's art from my childhood and day-to-day life. However, I also like to draw images of the way I'd like life to be and then exaggerate them a little. I always start with a sketch and then finish it on the computer in Photoshop. I use lots of custom brushes to create texture and a painterly look. My aim is to relay happy pastimes and make people smile when looking at my children's illustrations.


  1. Love the pigs. Super cute. Nice work.

  2. Thanks Bob!
    Natsuki - Thanks for the lovely blurb. I'm honored to be featured on your site.

  3. I am honoured to have you too Julissa!

    and thanks for the comment, Bob! :)