17 Nov 2010

Artist 43: James Burlinson


A change of pace now as we bring you the urgent and vibrant work of James Burlinson. James is already making a name for himself with fantastically current designs at the bleeding edge of illustration. James has a great sense of fun and uses this to create stand out characters, cute and lively his work screams look at me then runs away laughing. Difficult to put your finger on and resistant to categorisation the Burlisaurus crashes the the inky undergrowth feeding on a diet of cereal and video games and bringing us amazingly diverse stand out imagery. Its a great pleasure to feature him before he reaches critical mass and goes supernova! and you can read a little more about him here.

Who are you:
Hello! I'm James Burlinson, I generally go by 'Burlisaurus' for my design work. I gave myself that Pseudonym because Dinosaurs are much more interesting than illustrators and it'll keep my urges in check until I can name my first son Rex, or Pachycephalosaurian. 

What do you do:
I'm an Illustrator and Designer currently based in England. I generally like to produce pieces that are centred heavily around characters with personality and energy. I like to keep my options open, taking projects and commissions from all directions, I feel it keeps me on my toes and gives me fresh ideas. At the moment I'm planning on creating a small Illustration based web-design empire as part of my design career, I hope to succeed and build myself a castle full of swords and chicken broth.

How did you start:
I started drawing when I was very little, my teacher didn't like the fact that I drew characters without noses and mouths and strongly suggested to my parents that I required counselling.

I've always loved drawing but it wasn't really until a year or two back, during my University course, that I realised which direction I wanted to take. I didn't realise until then that it was okay to draw what I really wanted to. Before then it was all a bit of mush of analytical and observational drawings of rotten fruit and ripped up shoes during my previous courses.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I grew up in a generation of computer games and films, both of which I still love - I think these really influence my work today and my love for characters from back in the day when I was obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot. I also stared at a lot of cereal boxes, (because cereal is incredible) most of which had their own mascot character that I imagined befriending while I drank the last bit of milk in the bowl.

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