23 Nov 2010

Artist 45: Werner Fismer

It's Werner Fismer, with fresh work from astonishingly beautiful South Africa! With lithe and lively imagery Werner hopes to brighten your day with his unique light slightly naive comic book style. Ever so slightly self conscious Werner has a light touch that gives you a distillation of his ideas and shooting straight from the heart he gives us a mainline straight to the pulse of his work. irrepressible his images really stand out and call for attention, with special note to his use of movement which seems to bely influence from 2d animation. Occasional web designer Werner is definitely one to watch as his style develops and I for one really hope he keeps and develops the great sense of motion he achieves in his work. With great pleasure and the best of luck in all he does, here's Werner!

Who are you:
My name is Werner Fismer and I'm a 22-year-old aspiring illustrator (and occasional web designer) from the sunny southern reaches of Africa.

What do you do:
With the help of my friends Coffee, Music and Sandwiches I wage a daily war on the to-do lists that litter my desk. And draw!

How did you start:
It kinda cliché already, but like most doodling folk, I've been making pictures for as long as I can remember. There have been ups and downs, but I love illustrating my ideas and hope to continue doing so.

A personal statement about you or your work:
I really just to try have fun and create cool-looking images that tell interesting stories and affect people in a positive way (however small that may be).

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