22 Nov 2010

Artist 44: Abi Daker

A great big welcome to the fantastic Abi Daker! Cyprus based Abi gives us a real treat with her amazingly powerful work. Inspired by observation and influenced by aerial photography Abi has a really unique way of looking at the world and her happy fisheye lens captures all manner of fun and imaginative ideas and really brings the world around us to life. It's a great joy to experience the world through the beautiful palette of Abi's work. A painters eye and an illustrators determination compliment each other to produce some beautifully realised exquisite work. She has a natural flow about her work and a rhythm that gives her work a vivaciousness and happy vitality that will warm your heart and put a big smile on your face. Please read about the talented and wonderful Abi Daker below!

Who are you: 
I’m Abi Daker, an artist and illustrator who currently lives in Cyprus.

What do you do:
I draw a lot – I get commissioned by a real mixture of people; I’ve illustrated some children’s books, various editorial articles, designed a couple of wine labels locally and am currently working on a huge map commission. As well as illustration, I spend a lot of time painting, usually large acrylic landscapes. Paphos is a great part of Cyprus and some of the landscapes are amazing around here.

How did you start: 
I studied art at the University of Reading. After graduation, I started working as a mural designer for a nightclub chain, carried on working on commissions for people then discovered illustration after I was offered a children’s book to work on. This happened when my son was a baby and I found that I really loved illustration; it’s never stopped me from working on my paintings; I actually find that the two compliment one another quite well.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work is primarily hand drawn and is based on my observations about the world. I am especially influenced by landscapes and aerial perspectives. My work aims to represent the things I see in as positive a way as I can.

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