27 Nov 2010

Artist 47: Abby Wright

A winter warming welcome to the stylish fashion illustrations of Abby Wright, the Yorkshire based illustrator is the perfect accompaniment to the cooling weather. With this much style and chic its hard to deny the talented student has got big things ahead of her. Already a stalwart of Amelia's Magazine, she is taking the initiative in a way that puts other students to shame. Fully fledged with an incredibly mature style its easy to see why she has been picked up by such a prestigious fashion blog. Its also good to note that despite her natural emphasis on clothing in her illustrations, its the tender depictions of the models and the real emphasis on the eyes that give the sense of life and movement to her images. Her choice of palette also underlies the sense of cool. and improve the clarity of her work. She creates not only a sense of pathos but some really skilful observational drawing too. Wishing her luck on her new adventures with Tea & Crayons here's Abby Wright.  

Who are you:
I am Abby Wright, an illustrator based in East Yorkshire. The surroundings are so beautiful and inspiring, I've lived here all my life and look forward to settling down here with a couple of cats! 

What do you do:
I love to produce fashion and portrait illustrations. I am currently in my third year of an illustration degree, and looking forward to a career as a freelance illustrator. I discovered Amelia's Magazine during the summer, and produced a number of fashion illustrations for her Compendium of Fashion Illustration. I was chosen to be in the book and since then I have continued working in this style, as it is the what I really love doing.

Recently I have joined forces with five other illustrators to produce Tea & CrayonsWe're from all corners of the UK, brought together by a joint desire to challenge ourselves and work together, sharing knowledge and creativity. With a love of editorial, fashion and advertising illustration alike, we each have a unique style, that when brought together, promises exciting things. Working independently as well as collaboratively, we aim to support, push and challenge each other... Look out for future collective projects, and hopefully an exhibition or two! Tea & Crayons is formed of Kayleigh Bluck, Rachel Lewis, Rachel PriceFritha Strickland, Natasha Thompson and myself!

How did you start:
Before starting my degree, I did a foundation in Art and Design. It had always been my intention to study fine art, but a taster in illustration showed me that this was the right path for my work, and I haven't looked back. 

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I enjoy incorporating hand drawn line work with colour and textures to produce my illustrations. When I get the chance I also love print-making. I draw inspiration from other illustrators, the outdoors, colour, clothing, cats and my boyfriend.

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