5 Dec 2010

Artist 48: Kerry Hyndman

Another wonderful artist for you now! Its Kerry Hyndman, in keeping with the snow and ice we have brought you the ice cool style and wintry themes of a fine artist turned designer, illustrator. Kerry made the switch to design and illustration after working on her university paper, and we sure are glad. Kerry has a unique way of telling a story with her work that puts language in a visual context and runs with it. Her images are constructed in an intelligent way that belies her great eye for composition and there is more than a hint of light hearted humour that gives her a freshness which is so nice to see. Part design, part digital collage, part hand drawing Kerry draws on many elements but doesn't overcrowd the image, her work is precise, knowing exactly how much to give the viewer to make her point and create a lasting impression. Always keen to showcase illustrators with a bit of fun we wish her the best of luck and with her developing style no doubt she will definitely go far. Read about her here!

Who are you:
I am Kerry Hyndman. I am an illustrator, designer and artist. I am based in London.

What do you do:
Having recently finished my Illustration masters I am currently busy developing my style and trying to push my illustration out of my computer and into the world! I create screen printed works and digital illustrations. I am also a qualified snowboard instructor and I like to spend as much of my spare time as possible up a mountain.

How did you start:
Making a mess, which I still do. I studied Fine Art at Newcastle Uni, focusing on oil painting and portraiture. After four years of this I found I had more of a passion for the design and illustration work I was doing as the designer of the university paper. So I decided to put the brushes and turpentine down and pick up my Wacom tablet and I haven't looked back!

Personal statement:
I am fascinated by language and as much as possible I use illustration to highlight and explore phrases and expressions. In a lot of my work I collage digital elements together with layers of hand-drawn lines and found textures. I am influenced by my love of mountains and being outside! 

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