8 Dec 2010

Artist 51: Matthew Ellero

1. 'Original' submission for Don't Panic poster competition

2. 'New York New York'. For IHeartDotDotDot zine

3. 'Travelling through time' for a MTV competition

 4. 'Smart Cars in the Wild' for Outsmart 2010

Another winter warmer for you now with the fantastic Matthew Ellero. Matthew has a beautifully complex yet really sweet style, He takes influence from all over keeping bright and current styles and trends but changing it and making his own mashup, he serves us the artistic zeitgeist, rolling up the ephemera of modern culture and hitting us over the head with it! He blends his own characters seamlessly with others creating unique collective images in his own gentle outline style. Its illustration with a heady mix of the sweet the naughty and the real, all combining in a warm friendly way that brings you into the work with hugs and cuddles and then coshes you while you have your back turned. like a fuzzy hammer you can't forget the cute characters and adult themes that serve you an altogether more satisfying slice of visual pie. Real skills and talents in a variety of disciplines his work is a real joy and has that super cool edge that is bound to rip it up next year. Definitely a hot pick read a little more about him here.

Who are you: 
I am Matthew Ellero. A 27 year old guy from Peterborough, England. 

What do you do: 
I'm just about to embark on a freelance career- doing illustration and graphic design.

How did you start: 
I have always wanted to go freelance but never had the confidence. I was made redundant late last year and it kind of spurred me on to take the leap.  It has taken a year to get organised and build up my portfolio but we're finally at the stage where i'm just about to send out some self promotional goodies! (Which is very exciting but also very scary).

Going down the freelance route is a lot of hard work, but being able to do something that you love as a job is something i couldn't pass up. 

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
I just try and enjoy every piece of work that I do and I hope that comes across in my drawings. :)

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