8 Mar 2012

Artist 132: Americo Neves

Americo Neves! Quite a feature now on the amazing character work of Americo Neves. Americo has a style that just jumps up and shouts, there is fun and colour, sharp lines and great creativity. Americo's characters have that up to the minute feel about them. They are cute and well designed, showing a great skill in isolating the important parts of a face, an expression or figure and exaggerating features or omitting others. Americo's work has it's fingers on the pulse and there is a great vibe and novelty about his work that gives him that creative edge. Character design is tricky to get right, there is a balance between style and the fact that it has to believably exist and move, the most successful characters always look at home and Americo has a real talent for getting his vibrant characterful work to provide its' own context. his characters and images have a great range and palette but always manage to stand on their own. So wishing him the best in all his upcoming projects it's Americo Neves!

Who are you:
My name is Americo Neves, born in the 70s' from Macao, in 1997 moved to England to continue my studies, graduated in 2001, holding a BA in Visual Communications from Kent Institute of Art and Design. After my studies I was employed in a publication company in Kent where I was responsible for magazine design, flyers, posters, logo design, etc, basically graphic design work. In 2003, decided to return back home and since then I worked as a full-time graphic designer.

What do you do:
I do graphic designer work for living and a bit of illustration and "art" work for fun as hobby.

How did you start:
I started in a formal way, from college to university and finally working full-time as graphic designer.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
My work has changed a bit since I started my career. Before I was more into graphic design, but about 5 years ago, I started to like drawing character design. Maybe because I won a toy design competition in 2007 organized by Coca-Cola and this motivates me to do more of this kind of work. The more character design I draw, the more I like and in 2009 I held my first solo exhibition in Macao based in character design in which I displayed about 60 characters. I didn't count how many characters is in my Harddisk, probably more than hundreds already. For the last few years, my working style is changing a bit from vector to photography and drawing, because wanted to experiment more conceptual and mixed media work.


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