19 Dec 2010

Artist 54: Maddie Joyce

A warm hello to Maddie Joyce, our little ray of sunshine in the bitter winter. Maddie has a unique take on the world and through her work we can see a really aspirational happiness. Delicate lines and considered faces give her a great starting place with which you can explore her ideas. Her use of surfing and skating is a theme that runs through her images like a thread that binds them together as if in a series. Her work is gentle and ethereal or bold and bright. She has a way of giving us a certain alternative vibe that is strongest in her pieces that feature the sea.  Her painted work reminds me of Cornwall and the crystal green sea that embraces you like an iron salty wall, her images faceted by dark lines with clear solid colours like stained glass. Her striking colours and hippy themes are are really strong and have a good flavour and its nice to see her develop. With the best of luck for the future and the fond hope to see more of those great ocean vibes we give you Maddie Joyce.

Who are you: 
I am Maddie Joyce and I am a young creator of happy, little creations.

What do you do: 

I paint, sketch, draw, sew, take photographs, buy childrens books, make books, write books and illustrate!

How did you start: 

It was at the beginning of my Graphic Design a-level that I decided that I wanted my career, life and every breathing moment that I have to be based around art. My lessons wouldn't just finish after the 1 and a half hours. I would go home and keep at it, filling up books and illustrating, completely bending the breifs to suit my own creative ideas! I just kept at it and enjoy it so much. Art is such a good way to express your imagination and it makes me really happy. This is definitely the direction that I would like to go.

A personal statement about you or your work:

My work, both art and photography are a complete reflection of who I am and where I want to be. I create things which make me feel warm inside, give me tummy squiggles and squirmies, perhaps from a fond memory or somewhere I wish to be. I want to produce art which makes people day-dream, laugh or connect with. It isn't deep, or conceptual, it is what it is, a big bundle of magicality! : )


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