20 Dec 2010

Artist 55: DeanZappy

A real treat for you now, Its the irrepressible DeanZappy, IR contributor and all round awesome guy DeanZappy has talent in spades and has kindly shared some with us today. Dean has one of the most vivid palettes you'll ever see in the field and he is one of the few that can wield colour with confidence. Full of humour his bold style instantly grabs you and rewards you with smiles and fun. Dean has an irrepressible style, saccharin sweet, that at the same time has a savoury wit that keeps things sharp. Also a talented graphic designer Zappy keeps things cool and slick with smooth designs and simple strong imagery. Zappy has a precise style and intelligent characters that don't need any more description to sell themselves, as simple as they come his characters are always believable and have a unique flavour not stifled by a "house style" as with many illustrators. DeanZappy has the skills for kills and there is absolutely no way he is not going to conquer the world and bring us into a colourful new dawn!

Who are you:
Hi, I'm DeanZappy a Graphic Designer & Illustrator currently based in Manchester UK.

What do you do:
Well, I'm primarily a Graphic Designer and graduated from University in 2007. I also love to draw and spend a lot of my free time creating illustrations for personal & commissioned briefs. At the moment I work freelance but am looking to find a permanent position somewhere soon! With my design work I like to keep things simple, but I really express myself with the illustration side of things and have fun doing it.

How did you start:
I studied Graphic Design at school, then at college and eventually university. I have always been creative, and after school I decided Graphics would be the best way forward. Once I graduated I went travelling for over two years, and since I returned have taken on a lot of freelance projects.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I combine a variety of styles and techniques to produce work that is fun, vibrant, and eye-catching.

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