20 Dec 2010

Zine Feature: Micro Shrub

It's feature time again and this time its a magazine slash online pdf which will rock your collective socks off. Micro Shrub is an online collaboration between illustrator Murray Somerville and writer Jack Burston. The online shrub is a tasty precursor to the weird and vibrant world of Melon Shrub 2, which is poised to break onto the scene in early 2011.

Murray and Jack have been collaborating since their days in the band Lemon tree, which although dead and gone planted some very interesting seeds indeed. The art style is impressive and coupled with strong typography and snappy writing this new zine is sure to make waves for the impending Melon Shrub 2.

As Murray says, "The point of Micro/Melon Shrub is to create a new and subversive zine full of oddity writings/ short stories/ illustrations/ posters and comics (which will be in melon Shrub 2) - merging Jacks writings and my drawings into a combined black comic, intriguing and bizarre feature!!!" And we really cant wait to see the results.

Its a refreshing new experience that offers the visual satisfaction of Rob Zombie with added punch brought by Jack's writing. With strong colours and bold work its flavour is reminiscent of Oz, king of the counter-culture vibe but it has a more considered freedom (and much higher quality artwork) 

One to watch, and eventually buy, we are waiting with baited breath for the launch of the more bushy shrub, which deserves a party in our opinion! Great zine getting us in the mood for the massive year that will be 2011!

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