3 Mar 2011

Artist 74: Genie Espinosa

Our next illustrator is from Barcelona and she brings us all the joy of that sunny city, Genie Espinosa has captured something special with her distinctive characters and vibrant living palette. Her work has impact and life, with a great sense of movement and flow. She uses solid dramatic compositions of characters and her distinctive style is her calling card. Her work oozes fun and is overflowing with sharp clever digital design, she has the clean lines of a digital artist but manages to soften them well and gives her work that lyrical touch. She brings a bounce and a skip of happiness to all her endeavours, and has the right mix of ingredients for children's illustration. Her work with its clever design has that classic sense of childhood, reminiscent of painted soldiers and antique toys. So with a light-hearted attitude and deft touch please welcome this wonderful illustrator and wish her all the best for the future. It's Genie Espinosa

Who are you:
My name is Genie and i'm an illustrator (and sometimes designer too) living and working in Barcelona (Spain). I live in a tiny flat with my dog and 2 bunny pets who full me of inspiration and joy everyday. I'm a caffeine addict and have a crush on cupcakes and sweets.

What do you do:
I look for colors and place them on paper, i love colorful combinations, bright and vibrant and place them together. I love illustrating for children and creating prints and patterns, this kind of work automatically surrounds me in happiness. I love working in traditional but enjoy digital more, i'm not the patient type so my mac helps me dealing with it. 

How did you start:
I was tired of following paths and decided to break and start to fight with it. I needed to colour my life, so i did! i had a degree in traditional illustration but i needed the computer thing so everything i've done in digital is the result of exploring and self learning. I'm still working hard and learning everyday, i love that creation/learning process!

A Personal statement about you or your work:
Happy faces. all my work is full of them, illustrating makes me happy and wants to make happy the people who look at those illos so my work is all about happiness!:-)



  1. beautiful work and great interview! Thank you!! Genie, you rule! :)