7 Mar 2011

Artist 75: Mina Bach

4 Illustrations above are originally created for Amelia's Magazine

We have another wonderful artist feature for you now, It's Mina Bach! The Spanish born illustrator has some skills and we are as keen to showcase them as she ism, on collecting all manner of things. She has a hoarding instinct and this is even present in her illustration which is collected and collaged, using all manner of disparate sources to gather a very effective modern vintage style. Infinitely saleable and definitely one of the most influential modern looks in illustration, Mina has managed to elevate her work with her careful choice of palette and thoughtful use of bold stylish lettering that avoids the popular skinny hand drawn fonts and draws you back to a more classic style of retro, more Mad Men than vintage folksy she takes the initiative by using a very seventies punk style to explore early twentieth century imagery. It works and her style is eye-catching whilst maintaining her theme. So give a big Rally welcome to Mina Bach!

Who are you: 
Hello! I'm Mina Bach, born in Barcelona I'm now happily living in the smallest flat in East London. When I’m not busy with my books I can be found crochetting, tweeting and drinking tea (milk, no sugar).

What do you do:
I'm currently studying BA(Hons) Book Arts & Design at LCC University of the Arts London and loving it. We do experimental book structures, illustration, photography, typography and printmaking, all of my favourite things really. I do freelance work as illustrator and graphic/web designer and always have a million personal projects going on. I'm also an avid full time collector always looking for hoarding opportunities. My latest obsession is shop front and sign lettering and fill up sketchbook after sketchbook of hand lettering and calligraphy.
I'm also trying to get a work placement in publishing or an artist's studio/press at the moment so I'm working on self promo postcards and little booklets to send out, wish me luck!

How did you start:
I started making little comic books with my little brother when we were out of school on holidays, very intricate stories about a rat family and a tragic good-for-nothing heroe that we would staple and then put in the post box down the road so no evidence sadly :( I went on to web design and development jobs which I really enjoyed until I decided to take a more hands on approach to my career and moved to London and started at UAL, best decision of my life!. 

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I'm interested in the digital vs traditional processes and showing traces of them in the final piece. I usually start scanning in found vintage photos and then create digital collages out of them that I combine with scanned hand lettering and hand drawn elements. I would then use traditional print making techniques to print them such as screen printing, collagraph and solar plate printing, my absolute favourite. It's a very time consuming process but very rewarding!


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