20 Mar 2011

News: Melon Shrub Launch Party 24th March, Dream Bags Jaguar shoes

It's news time here on the rally, and we all really need something to celebrate. So why not get yourself down to you guessed it, Jaguar Shoes in the thumping tweed clad heart of Shoreditch to witness the beautiful, painful and probably sticky birth of Melon Shrub 2!

A while back we let you in on the fact that it was coming up and whet your appetite with the tasty Micro Shrub and it is now finally upon us, replete with various tree and shrub related activities and goodness.

So here's a bit of info about what is going down from the irrepressible Murray Somerville:

  • Exhibited signed artwork from the zine in true framed glory (and available for sale! ) as well as one or two unseen illo's and an AWESOME NEW illo from Dazeray!!!
  • Video Art installations projected throughout the night including the promotional videos up on youtube, but as well as the currently being filmed new "Lemon Tree" video and other strange oddities!
  • LEMON TREE have reformed to play this one off gig, promising a more unusual and musically diverse gig than ever before. The Alternative Noise Rock band plan on releasing a promo video and new song out in the next few weeks before the party to prepare people for what they're gonna be getting!!!
  • And of course it's a party so there's gonna be lots of DJ'ing and Music going on throughout the night so we can all party off our melon chunks! Expect everything from HEALTH, Echo and the bunnymen, The Replacements, Daft Punk, Justice, The Smiths, Animal Collective, Gold Panda, Pixies, Sleigh Bells, The Knife, Beastie Boys and other musical legends!!!
Well now you know so you better get your sharpest vintage gear, your best clothes and your most oblique expressions and make your way down to Jaguar Shoes before the cool timer runs out.

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