27 Apr 2011

Artist 85: Spiros Halaris

A great new artist feature for you now with the fantastic Spiros Halaris. Spiros is a fashion illustrator who has an inch perfect command of the human body and that true fashion illustrators trait of being able to distil his work into the most essential elements without losing the form or cohesion. His subjects don't detract from the clothes but neither do they lose their personality and integrity, though the main thing that sets Spiros apart is his amazing compositional skills utilising backgrounds only when he deems them appropriate and never crowding out his subjects and more importantly the clothes. Spiros has a real gift when it comes to his representation of fabrics, he uses a light touch that suggests motion but couples this with the strong shadows and lines that convey as much as possible about the garment. How the clothes hang and the cut is so easy to glean from his work, it's a really good fashion illustrator who has both the style and refinement but also the sheer mechanical skill and penmanship of a confident draughtsman. So in short it really is fair to say that he certainly deserves his hard won and impressive client list and represents a great clutch of illustrators from Middlesex Uni. Without further ado it's the fabulous Spiros Halaris, read about him here.

Who are you
I am Spiros Halaris.  I was born and raised in sunny Greece and I am now based in fabulous London!

What do you do: 
I am an illustrator/creative. I have been freelancing and collaborating with various companies and creatives in the design and fashion industries for the past 3 years. I am exploring new paths continously and I am always up for a challenging brief.

How did you start: 
I started out as a graphic designer and I then moved to illustration.  I find that the combination of these arts leads to really fascinating works.  And of course I am on a never ending process of learning and experimenting.

A Personal statement about you or your work:
I want my work to be emotive and influential on the viewer.  I am at my happiest when my work touches someone and makes them feel wonderful. I love working with other creatives and would be very grateful if any of your readers wished to collaborate or make any suggestions to me.

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  1. I love his work! He is truly gifted! Talking from personal experience! :)