16 May 2011

Artist 88: Tasha Whittle

Brand spanking new artist feature now, and we have got a really exciting artist for you now. It's Tasha Whittle, an artist with the most up to date practices who is doing all the right things to make it big. First off she has a well rounded creative practice that includes a panoply of products a magazine and live drawing. All of these are essential for getting you out there and keeping you fresh and current. There is nothing more satisfying than an artist with a lively working practice that makes use of all possible media avenues and really builds a strong base. After all this is a hard game with tough competition so having a great style is not the only thing that will pay the bills. Tasha does this well as she has built it into her artistic practice by not just illustrating onto a target but acting more reflectively and utilising the space with her trademark creativity and humour.
She has a really inventive streak and is constantly creating which is the best way to be. Her bold designs and well heeled character design is great in its own right but this is really the back drop to the main event which is her constant evolution and the documentation of an artist in progress. Already slick with a highly saleable house style she does the hard thing and moves forwards. It is very tempting in times like these to stick to what you know but the path of least resistance often leads to stagnation and unemployment which is why Artists like  TXLW are not only inspirational but  demonstrate clearly that you need both talent and effort to make it. So please read about this fascinating and intelligent artist, and we wish her all the best in the future as she continues to evolve, surprise and delight. 

Who are you:
TXLW... They are my initials.

What do you do:
I am an illustrator / Animator / Decent brew maker! ... a bit of a creative individual. 

How did you start:
By waking up and realising that this is what I want to do.

A Personal statement about you or your work: 
As a practising artist I like to incorporate as many different mediums as possible, as I believe that by challenging myself to work on new surfaces and with different materials my work can naturally develop and constantly evolve. Favouring installation and creating site specific projects I work instinctively, trying to create a reflective response unique to the space/project. By making subconscious observations of my immediate surroundings and when listening to music whilst working, characters, pattern, text and organic forms begin to take shape.

I am currently focusing all my work into my shop Studio Two in Manchester Design and Craft Centre in the heart of the Northern Quarter. I share the space with two amazing jewellery designers Wonderhaus and Blac. My work for Studio Two includes t-shirts, cushions, toys, bird mobiles, bags, customised objects, screen prints, sketch books, paintings, digital prints and original work that is all made by me..Its really interesting to see how an image can translate onto different surfaces and how i can place my work within the public realm. Each piece of clothing, textile, print is original unique and on a small run. Keeps the ideas fresh right! I've started to work on felled wood and have created some chaps called 'The Young Oaks'. Everything is really exciting and possible... my imagination has just taken off and I am running with it.

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